Office Meeting Scheduler App: UX Case Study

Design Process

Competitive Research

  1. Google Calendar/Meet
  2. Calendy
  3. Microsoft Teams

User goals

  1. Create a new meeting
  2. Choose room/venue on the basis of their requirements
  3. See meetings hosted by him/her
  4. See pending RSVPS and reply accordingly
  5. See meeting details
  6. Reschedule/ Cancel/ Edit a meeting as a host
  7. Send a notification to the meeting host if he/she is running late

User Pain Points

  1. Difficulty in finding rooms available for time slot consisting of all facilities required
  2. Difficulty in navigation for new employees, it might be difficult to find venue
  3. Not able to convey message to the host if and when running late
  4. Might invite wrong person if only name is given and both names are similar or user is not familiar with the guest’s name but only his/her face
  5. Different people have different schedule therefore maybe all guests might not be available at the time scheduled by host

User Joys

  1. Easily schedule meetings without hassle
  2. Meeting time suggested according to everyone’s schedule to ensure maximum participation
  3. Rooms suggested according to the amenities required and also nearest to majority of the guests
  4. Updates regarding any faulty equipment, etc in a meeting scheduled by user are displayed

Hypothesis and requirements

  1. All building blueprints and maps are available in the app so the employees can be navigated to the destination.
  2. The entire employee database is present in the app along with their meeting schedules etc so that time can be suggested accordingly.
  3. All details of the rooms including the facilities and equipment of that room are present in the app’s database.

Wireframes for the entire User Journey


Visual Design for ‘Create New Meeting’ Flow

Visual Design

Further Scope




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